I yell into the house we got another one!.... I was very happy because my family got food to survive for some months. Its 2050 AD, human on the name of development and better lifestyle has discarded agriculture and are doing jobs in industries. Due to rapid and unplanned industrialization lands lost its fertility due to which their is great decline in production of agriculture products like vegetable, fruit, paddy, wheat etc. Today only the richest one gets these agricultural product. But the population growth rate remain same due to which the demand of resources like water, food, land, home etc remain same. Today water demand is fulfilled by purifying dirty waste water even the sewage even though their is high demand of water. The demand of land for housing is fulfilled by many storied building. Even the forests, mountains are cleared to fulfill the land demand of industries and human. Today river, lakes are the dumping sites of toxic chemical for industries. The major waste i.e pla

post class reflection 8

  20 August 2020, The class began at 10:00 AM on 20 August 2020. We all participated in the class via the google meeting link which was forwarded by our respected professor h  Eak Prasad Duwadi. he was very happy because his article got published on the news on that day. 45 students joined the class within 5 minutes. Our professor decided to take a survey. The survey was on the topic that how much the student appreciated the online class and which was their favorite subject. most of the students voted for English class. After the survey came to the end the presenter was ready for their group the presentation. Alice Rana and Shreyash Shrestha presented in the poem "The lunatic by Laxmi Prasad Devkota". Aman Shrestha and Pawan Subedi addressed on the topic "Keeping errors at bay by Bertrand Russell" They discussed it separately. The discussion gave us a concrete idea about the topic. their discussion was clear and concise. After that Suman Upreti and Nishar Vaidhya ga

post class reflection 7

27/08/2020               As usual the class was scheduled at 9:00 AM. but the class was actually started at 9:15 AM. sharp. This was the last class for the presentation as every fellow friends has presented their topic already. The presenter had presented about project report very concisely .I liked their team work. However some left points was explained by our respected sir.              As the presentation was completed too early our teacher provide us a voting pole about the difficulty or disadvantage of online class with gadget,electricity,internet and health as options where internet got the highest vote.                     He also discussed about taking online test. He wanted to take MCQs test but we decided to take open book one. Still there is no conformation about the date and format for test.

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                   Pros and Cons of Internet Internet:  In simple language internet is the vast network of computer                 systems sharing data and information through the means of                 wires or without wire. Pros of internet: Internet is one of the revolutionary discovery in                       human history therefore it comes with lots of  pros                               as listed below:-                       -it has linked billions of devices.                       -communication through internet is easy and                                         convenient.                       -different social media apps like facebook , twiter ,                               you tube , etc runs with the help of internet.                       -we can learn different topics through internet.                      -online class is possible which is great advantage in                               this   pandemic situation. And many more. Cons of internet : Everything has

post class reflection 6

20 Aug 2020,             As usual our class started at 10:15 AM. sharply.It was a two hour class. We had to present in this class since we cannot present last week because of internet problem.Our topic was the poem "The Lunatic" by Laxmi Prassad Devkota. We were three in group but one member cannot join because of internet problem.So I said his part too.There was a mixed feedback to us. Along with us there were two more presenters with their respected topic.              Our respected sir has provided us with some points about the respected topic which was very much helpful. Class was smooth ,fluent,interactive and interesting as  usual.                              have a great day.......

post class reflection 5

 13  August  2020, The class started on August 13, 2020, at 10:00 AM. We all joined the class via a meeting link sent by Professor Eak Prasad Duwadi. It took almost 10 minutes for us to attend the class and our lecture started officially afterward.  At first, Ashmita chaulagain gave her presentation on the investigative report. After that the Adaptive failure: Easter's End by Jared Diamond was presented by Manish RC and Pawan Sharma. Our esteemed professor Eak Prasad sir praised their presentation and suggested us to keep bullet points in the presentation slide and describe more on each bullet point. We were suggested to watch a 180- ° south documentary relating to the same text, by Prajwal Ramdan Bishwokarm. For making the class more interesting, Sir provided us link, where we all had to write 10 buzzing words. The other speakers were told to prepare for the next class.  We all watched a video about Engineering skills. The class thus ended at 11:30 a.m. Thank you...

post class reflection 4

6 August 2020,     T he class was started at 10:00 AM on 6 August 2020. We all took part in the class through the link forwarded by Sangam Bhandari. It took us all approximately 15 minutes to join the class. About 40 students took part in the class and subsequently increased to 46 within 3 minutes. The presentation has been started. The first presenter was Rajiv Basnet. His presentation was on the topic of the incident report. The presentations were then delivered by Pratik Gautam and Nikunja Ghimire on Travel Reports. One sample of the memo was given to us by our professor and it was read by Nirjal Lamichhane, Prajwol Ramdan Bishwokarma, and Asmita Chaulagain. After that our professor explained the memo example. By the time he has concluded his explanation, the next group was ready for their group presentation, the group members were Prajwol Ramdan Bishwokarma, Nawaraj Budhathoki, and Manoj  BK. They delivered their presentation on Lab reports. Their presentation was appreciated by ou